Eisstock Curling

Challenge friend or foe to a match of Eisstock Curling. Team up or go head to head alone. Go all in or do it for fun. This is the game of the season, a demanding, fun, unpredictable and skill-needed game with all the heart-speeding elements you strive for.  We’ve fine lanes available for pre-booked or drop-ins.

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Price is 360 SEK per hour and lane.

Eisstock Curling Rules:

Eisstock Curling is a precision game and the goal of the game is to launch the stones as close as possible to the Daube (a target object set up in the middle of the target field).

Equipment: One Daube and four stones per team
Teams: You can be between one and four players in every team and compete against one team per match

Each team launched four stones per round and each match consists of seven rounds.

The team with the stone closest to the Daube wins the round, best out of seven it is to win the match.

The Daube may be shifted from its original position if hit by one of the stones. This is allowed, as long as the Daube remains in the target field. Should the Daube be pushed out of the target field it must be returned to its original position.